Our innovative products are unlike anything on the market today. Our unique half veggie half beef recipe creates a healthy product that is bursting with natural flavor. Our outstanding nutritional values make all our products perfect for schools and children of all ages. Just combine with you favorite toppings and enjoy a healthy and irresistible Grateful Burger.


Our Blended Burgers

Original 3.2oz - Soy Free

USDA Choice ground beef with fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. A combination that creates a fresh, juicy and healthy beef burger.

Calories 171     Fat 12g     Cholesterol 38.8mg


Bacon & Cheddar 3.75oz

Our Original Burger recipe with hickory smoked bacon and fresh cheddar cheese. 

Calories 243    Fat 16g     Cholesterol 48.8mg


Spicy Bleu Cheese 3.75oz

Our Original Burger with chunks of bleu cheese and Franks Hot Sauce, creates an irresistible, juicy, buffalo style burger.

Calories 226     Fat 14.7g     Cholesterol 43mg

Southwest 3.75oz

Our Original Burger recipe with corn, red peppers, jalapeno peppers and fresh cilantro.

Calories 190   Fat 12.2g     Cholesterol 37.5mg

Blended Meatballs



Italian Blended Meatballs - Soy Free

Our take on the classic Italian meatball! Our Fusion meatball has the same great flavor of your traditional family recipe but with half the red meat!

Calories 139     Fat 9.1g      Cholesterol 31.4mg

Italian Fusionballs


Country Breakfast Patty

Want a breakfast patty without the sodium? Our breakfast patty is a delicious blend of whole shoulder pork, fresh portabella mushrooms, herbs and spices.  

Calories 127    Fat 9.1g     Sodium 189.5mg

Swedish Fusionballs