Check out the latest buzz about our Grateful Burgers!

Roger MacDonald #1.png

Roger MacDonald - Canada
“To be honest with you I hate mushrooms but I wanted a burger. But I can’t even taste the mushrooms! I love the consistency, and it’s so moist – I love it!”

Francesco #2.png

Francesco - Italy
"Very very good. So tasty!"

Tom & Susan #3.png

Tom & Susan - Boston
"I don't like to use the word moist, but this thing is moist and delicious"

Holly #5.png

Holly - NY
“I had a sample, then walked along to see the other vendors and couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I came back to buy a whole burger. I love it!”


Lucy #4.png

Lucy Age 7 - Boston
No words just a big smile and two thumbs up!

Skylar & Vedran #6.png

Skylar - NM
Vedran - Everett

“I had the original burger and it was fantastic!” & “I loved the original burger too!”

Jonathon & Monica #7.png

Jonathon & Monica - East Boston
“It’s surprisingly juicy and delicious – what other products do you have?!”

Maureen #8.png

Maureen - NH
“I really like the texture – it’s tender and I can taste the vegetables which I love!”

Layla #9.png

Layla - Bosnia
“I so appreciate good meat – thank you!”

Lisanna Kyle Lori #11.png

Lori - Lynnfield (left)
 “When are you going to be in Whole Foods so I can buy some?!”

Lisanna & Kyle - Stoneham
“I love this!”
“I finished it in seconds – it was awesome.”

Miriam, 8 months & Lilly - Watertown
Couldn’t talk and didn’t have teeth but she gummed a half of burger down. Her 4 year old sister Lilly gave it a thumbs up and a huge grin!

Val & Sarah #12.png

Val & Sarah - Medford
“Wait, is the bacon and cheddar already in it?” Yes it is – it’s a bacon and cheddar Blended burger. “That’s just brilliant – how can I buy these?!”

Don & Linda #13.png

Don & Linda - NH
“These are wicked awesome – I’d eat this over a regular burger any day!”

Sean #14.png

Sean - Newton
“This is so good, please tell me where I can buy these!”