University foodservice operators face constant challenges to provide high quality, and innovative food for their students. We are here to help make those tough decision easier. Fusion Burgers are a high quality alternative to the standard hamburgers that most universities serve today. Our products are also healthy and ecologically responsible when compared to an all beef burger. 

In order to help universities integrate our product into menus we offer a college support program. This includes a free sampling demo in the university cafeteria, a wide range of marketing materials, t-shirt raffles & more.

College Support Program

Full Demo/Tasting at a location of your choice

Tasting of all four burger flavors as well as meatballs flavors if requested. We bring all of our own cooking/cleaning/setup materials in order to run our demo efficiently and not disturb the flow of University dining hall. 

Shirt Raffle

We have found that handing our Free T-shirts along with Free burger samples can really get students talking! We have run a T-shirt raffle at a few locations to great success.

POS/Marketing materials

  • We provide all POS/marketing materials including "swag" for students. 
  • Informational Posters
  • Informational Handouts
  • GBC T-Shirts
  • GBC Buttons
  • Raffle tickets
  • Taste Test Cards
  • Informational Pamphlets

Useful Tips for Universities

All of our products are Gluten Free!

We have four delicious Fusion Burgers perfect for the complex tastes of today's students. 

Cook all Fusion products to at least 155-160 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the vegetable content, all products will not dry out and stay moist up to 170 degrees.

Fusion Burgers only have 7% shrink providing more value per burger. All beef burgers have a 30-35% shrink.