Grateful Burger's Brandathon Success Story

Ever hear of a Brandathon Success Story? Well, I’m about to tell you one.

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If you don’t know about The Ad Club of Boston, you should get to know it. The Ad Club is a trade association solely for the New England Marketing and Communications industry. Focused on networking, education, professional development, advocacy, and diversity, The Ad Club presents over 30 events and programs every year. Each year they select ten of the best marketing agencies around Boston to participate in a Brandathon. A Brandathon, as described by them, is a healthy competition where these selected agencies help local start-ups get on their feet by defining their brand with a marketing campaign.

With their chosen agencies waiting in the wings, myriad start-ups from the greater Boston area were asked to submit a short 60 second elevator pitch via video that convinced the judges why they needed help with marketing. All voting took place on The Ad Club’s website and the top 12 were asked to enter the next phase of the competition. Grateful Burger was chosen from 50+ submissions!

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Phase two involved a Match Party hosted by The Ad Club. We were finally able to meet the marketing agency we were matched up with – our match was GYK Antler. Each agency had 10-15 minutes to ask their start-up as many questions as possible. After the Match Party, the agency and the start-up could have no further contact with one another. Each marketing agency had only 72 hours to create a brand and strategy for their start-up company and would then meet back at the big event – the Brandathon Party.

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Brandathon 2016 was held at the Revere Hotel in Boston. Each marketing agency presented their newly created brand to each start-up. When presenting, both the agency and start-up were called up on stage to share in a possible future campaign together. Nothing was rehearsed, and our love for our new brand was genuine. Grateful Burger and GYK Antler indeed made the perfect match, as we left the Brandathon 2016 with new ideas and relationships to ensure our brand’s success!

In August 2017, The AD Club shot a short film series to see where and how the latest Brandathon contestants were one year after Brandathon. We loved meeting back and sharing our successes. Thank you to The Ad Club and to GYK Antler for giving us the push we needed to take it to the next level!