Three Takeaways from the Boston Local Food Fest

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We love the company we keep.
Grateful Burger was started on the premise of re-creating a beloved American staple – the hamburger – into a healthy food choice that people will love. Aside from the fabulous taste, our burgers are nutritionally better for everyone, and due to our reduction of red meat, we make a significant impact on the environment as we save water and reduce emissions. The Boston Local Food Festival showcased farmers, local restaurants, food trucks, specialty food producers, and organizations that focused on all kinds of healthy food while also keeping a healthy planet in mind.

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That we are unique!
“So what makes yours a better burger?” soon to be customers would ask as they approached our Burger Bar. “We are a blended burger – 50% beef and 50% vegetables herbs and spices. Cutting our red meat in half slashes the fat, cholesterol, and calories compared to a regular all beef patty.” Eyebrows raised, eyes widened.  “Oh so you’re not a veggie or a turkey burger?” No everyone, Grateful Burger products are blended meat products adhering to the principles set forth by an initiative called Menus of Change. We are the first company to successfully manufacture and distribute the first 50/50 blended burger. Not some big conglomerate! It's something we are really proud of and passionate about.

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We love where we live!
We loved being among thousands of people who wanted to learn more about the benefits of sustainably grown and produced food. Themed “Healthy Local Food for All”, the festival connected New Englanders of all backgrounds with the abundance of nutritious local food choices available close to home. Grateful Burger talked to scores of people who all had something to learn from us – but even better – we learned some things from them! We hear you loud and clear – we’re working on getting our products onto retail shelves ASAP!