Colleges are Crazy for Grateful Burgers!

Colleges are Crazy for Grateful Burgers!

By Chris Nessen

Call me crazy but I decided to tackle revamping an American staple – the burger. Americans consume 40 billion burgers each year! If people want burgers, I was sure I could whip up a recipe to make that choice a healthier one for both the consumer and the environment. And I know that college campuses are a great place to affect and make change.

So, I created the Grateful Burger. It’s a blended burger based on a concept of using 50% beef and 50% portabella mushrooms, herbs and spices. Its all-natural vegetable content cuts the carbs, fats and calories of a traditional burger in half! The Grateful Burger is also gluten and allergen free and low in sodium making it an extremely healthy choice for all our population not just people with dietary needs.

Grateful Burger’s unique recipe also results in using fewer resources like water and land to raise cattle, making it sustainable – something I feel especially good about. The cattle industry is the largest single contributor to pollution and the depletion of water. Choosing a Grateful Burger over a regular burger saves 250 gallons of water! And we know how much our message means to consumers - especially Millennials who densely populate college campuses. People deserve a burger that is satisfying, healthy and environmentally responsible – now they have it!

About two years ago, a number of universities started to do their own blending. Most admit that it is not easy, there is a fair amount of waste and the taste and texture can be very inconsistent. Our Grateful Burger is perfect for college campuses as it’s ready to cook on a grill, skillet or oven from its frozen state which also gives it a longer shelf life, requires no prep time and produces zero waste. Not to shabby, we know.

The University of Connecticut has fully embraced our mission and has replaced traditional burgers with our Grateful Burger last year. That choice is changing the health of their students, but also saving millions of gallons of water Too! Last month Harvard University and the University of New Hampshire reached out to us to look at our line - UNH is already on target to replace their traditional burgers with Grateful Burgers in the fall of 2017 – lucky Class of 2021! In May, we went to the campus of Boston College. In one week, BC saved over 250,000 gallons of water when their students chose a Grateful Burger over a regular burger. We are witnessing and are a part of real change!

We understand that we are messing with an American staple and that there will always be some students and people that don’t want to change - we get that. But if just 10% percent of our population switched to our blended beef products, imagine the change that would result.

Grateful Burger is satisfying palates on college campuses all over New England. We’d like to visit your campus! Call me today for information or a visit -1-978-979-9890.

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