The Start of Something Big and Juicy – Grateful Burger

The Start of Something Big and Juicy

May 2017

By Chris Nessen

I have always done what I’m passionate about. It is no surprise that my newest venture, Grateful Burger, was born from a supermarket experience that left me with wet eyes and a renewed purpose.

The inception of Grateful Burger began on the day before Thanksgiving a few years back, when I was doing some last minute food shopping for the holiday. I witnessed an excited young boy run up to his family’s cart holding a big bag of grapes. His mother immediately told him to bring ‘those gross things back’. The little boy’s smile vanished as he dropped his head and marched back to the produce aisle. I was stunned. Then I noticed their cart. It was loaded with junk food! Not one nutritious item was in that cart. I felt my eyes well up and I knew right then and there that I had to do something to help turn situations like this around.

My wife Sue, an RN, encouraged me to make a first step. I asked myself what traditional food can I give a healthy makeover to? What fast food can I make healthier? How can I appeal to the masses and change the course of people’s health? I decided rather quickly to tackle an American staple – the burger. Americans consume 40 billion burgers each year! If people wanted burgers, I was sure I could whip up a recipe to make that choice a healthier one.

My recipe was perfected soon thereafter – the Grateful Burger.  The Grateful Burger is a blended burger based on a concept of using 50% beef and 50% portabella mushrooms, herbs and spices. The special combination of beef and vegetables together allows their blended burgers to retain a delicious beef flavor and texture unlike veggie burgers. Its all-natural vegetable content cuts the carbs, fats and calories of a traditional burger in half! The Grateful Burger is also gluten and allergen free and low in sodium making it a healthy choice for much of our population not just people with dietary needs. Grateful Burger’s unique recipe also results in using fewer resources like water and land to raise cattle, making their products sustainable – something I feel especially good about.

People deserve a product that is satisfying, healthy and environmentally responsible. Our goal is to offer products that customers can feel good about for more than just health reasons. We are the next generation of beef burgers.

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