Five Reasons to Buy From Grateful Market

1.     Your Health!

We all love a good burger. Especially on great outdoor weather days, game day, tailgating time, or just because you crave those Vitamin Bs! Well now you can look forward to a burger knowing you don’t have to plan extra time in the gym, pop a cholesterol med or wear your Thanksgiving pants! The nutritional value in our original Grateful Burger slashes the numbers of a regular burger almost in half! By using our Grateful blend we have reduced the fats, calories, and cholesterol by nearly 50% when compared to an all beef burger! Our blended burger also adds extra vegetables to your diet and more vegetables means more valuable nutrients.  

2.     Best Host!

Having people over? Your son’s friends are coming over? Squeezing in a last minute cookout? Grateful Burgers are always cooked from their frozen state, so last minute is our middle name. Hot grill, 6 minutes on each side and voila – the crowd can be fed! Chances are your guests haven’t tried them yet either so once they taste the flavor, you’ll surely be the hostess with the mostess.

3.     New Recipes!

Think outside the bun with our burgers. Our Grateful blend is so tasty and filling, you can forget the bun and get creative. By combining mushrooms with ground beef and our specialty spices, our burgers are bursting with mouthwatering natural umami flavor. Here’s a recipe we love – our Caribbean Grateful Burger! Plate some crisp Romaine lettuce, layer on our Original Grateful Burger, then top with sautéed onions, grilled pineapple, diced tomatoes and finish with fresh goat cheese. Give it a try!

4.     Better Planet!

By replacing half the beef with low impact ingredients like mushrooms and spices, we have reduced the environmental impact of a single burger by nearly 45%. Low impact ingredients reduce water usage. Approximately 1,800 gallons of water are used to produce just 1lb. of beef (! Mushrooms use just 1 gallon of water to produce 1lb. Insane right? Grateful Burger also buys local. Unlike other beef companies that source beef from all across the world, our beef is sourced within 350 miles of our customers, keeping our transportation impact low. Lastly, the meat industry as a whole generates nearly 1/5 of man-made green house gas emissions. Swapping out an all-beef burger for a Grateful Burger can help reduce our emissions ( 

5.     Because You Care!

Buying from Grateful Market means you care. You care about your own health and the health of those you are feeding. You also care for your environment as you strive to support local farms, reduce your carbon footprint and save water. Buying Grateful Burger products is such an easy way to make a real impact. We commend you and thank you!