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Three Takeaways from the Boston Local Food Fest

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We love the company we keep.
Grateful Burger was started on the premise of re-creating a beloved American staple – the hamburger – into a healthy food choice that people will love. Aside from the fabulous taste, our burgers are nutritionally better for everyone, and due to our reduction of red meat, we make a significant impact on the environment as we save water and reduce emissions. The Boston Local Food Festival showcased farmers, local restaurants, food trucks, specialty food producers, and organizations that focused on all kinds of healthy food while also keeping a healthy planet in mind.

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That we are unique!
“So what makes yours a better burger?” soon to be customers would ask as they approached our Burger Bar. “We are a blended burger – 50% beef and 50% vegetables herbs and spices. Cutting our red meat in half slashes the fat, cholesterol, and calories compared to a regular all beef patty.” Eyebrows raised, eyes widened.  “Oh so you’re not a veggie or a turkey burger?” No everyone, Grateful Burger products are blended meat products adhering to the principles set forth by an initiative called Menus of Change. We are the first company to successfully manufacture and distribute the first 50/50 blended burger. Not some big conglomerate! It's something we are really proud of and passionate about.

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We love where we live!
We loved being among thousands of people who wanted to learn more about the benefits of sustainably grown and produced food. Themed “Healthy Local Food for All”, the festival connected New Englanders of all backgrounds with the abundance of nutritious local food choices available close to home. Grateful Burger talked to scores of people who all had something to learn from us – but even better – we learned some things from them! We hear you loud and clear – we’re working on getting our products onto retail shelves ASAP!

Grateful Burger's Brandathon Success Story

Ever hear of a Brandathon Success Story? Well, I’m about to tell you one.

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If you don’t know about The Ad Club of Boston, you should get to know it. The Ad Club is a trade association solely for the New England Marketing and Communications industry. Focused on networking, education, professional development, advocacy, and diversity, The Ad Club presents over 30 events and programs every year. Each year they select ten of the best marketing agencies around Boston to participate in a Brandathon. A Brandathon, as described by them, is a healthy competition where these selected agencies help local start-ups get on their feet by defining their brand with a marketing campaign.

With their chosen agencies waiting in the wings, myriad start-ups from the greater Boston area were asked to submit a short 60 second elevator pitch via video that convinced the judges why they needed help with marketing. All voting took place on The Ad Club’s website and the top 12 were asked to enter the next phase of the competition. Grateful Burger was chosen from 50+ submissions!

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Phase two involved a Match Party hosted by The Ad Club. We were finally able to meet the marketing agency we were matched up with – our match was GYK Antler. Each agency had 10-15 minutes to ask their start-up as many questions as possible. After the Match Party, the agency and the start-up could have no further contact with one another. Each marketing agency had only 72 hours to create a brand and strategy for their start-up company and would then meet back at the big event – the Brandathon Party.

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Brandathon 2016 was held at the Revere Hotel in Boston. Each marketing agency presented their newly created brand to each start-up. When presenting, both the agency and start-up were called up on stage to share in a possible future campaign together. Nothing was rehearsed, and our love for our new brand was genuine. Grateful Burger and GYK Antler indeed made the perfect match, as we left the Brandathon 2016 with new ideas and relationships to ensure our brand’s success!

In August 2017, The AD Club shot a short film series to see where and how the latest Brandathon contestants were one year after Brandathon. We loved meeting back and sharing our successes. Thank you to The Ad Club and to GYK Antler for giving us the push we needed to take it to the next level!

Grateful Burger "Today's Dietitian" Feature!

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Grateful Burger has been featured in the July Issue of Today's Dietitian. Thank you to the people at Today's Dietitian for including us in your issue. If you would like to read the blurb, check it out below! 

Check out the rest of the new products featured here: 

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Not All Blended Burgers are Created Equal

The 5th Annual Summit for Menus of Change took place last week and among the many topics discussed, I of course took particular interest in, "What's Next in Protein" and "The Blend". The week-long event was packed with industry news including announcements by manufacturers and a large restaurant chain that they are entering the arena and supplying their customers with blended burgers. Overall, I think it’s great news because I wholeheartedly believe in Menus of Change and it’s support of blended burgers – it’s why Grateful Burger exists in fact! However, the news does not come without concern.

The restaurant chain Sonic is introducing a blended burger to its menu and food service giants have introduced a blended burger from Cargill. Both of these products attempt to satisfy the growing demand for blended burgers, but do these burgers do enough in reducing red meat and helping with sustainable issues in the long run? Not even close.

All blended burgers are not equal. Like any food, it’s important to understand what you are consuming. The burgers mentioned above are a 75% blend using trim beef and they will not stand up to the quality that consumers, especially Millennial and Gen Z, want. Additionally, this 75% blend does not have nearly the environmental or health impact of a 50% blend. I understand that some may take the position of ‘some change is better than no change at all’, however I challenge you to bypass these 75% blends that use sub-par beef and instead stay true to those attempting to change the health of people and planet using a 50% blend with whole chuck beef.

Without high quality products and a large sustainable impact, we as an industry are taking a risk that those trying to change from whole to blended will not be return customers. And if there are no return customers due to a sub par first experience, then the entire blended concept will have a slow death.

Grateful Burger is making an impact because we are staying true to the principles set forth from Menus of Change. As food industry veterans, chefs and foodies ourselves, we would never sacrifice taste, health and environmental impact for cost cutting. I’m hoping my fear is unjust and that consumers will hold out for a true 50% blend that satisfies their palate and conscience.

Christopher Nessen Founder & Managing Director Grateful Burger 978.979.9890  

Christopher Nessen
Founder & Managing Director
Grateful Burger


Colleges are Crazy for Grateful Burgers!

Colleges are Crazy for Grateful Burgers!

By Chris Nessen

Call me crazy but I decided to tackle revamping an American staple – the burger. Americans consume 40 billion burgers each year! If people want burgers, I was sure I could whip up a recipe to make that choice a healthier one for both the consumer and the environment. And I know that college campuses are a great place to affect and make change.

So, I created the Grateful Burger. It’s a blended burger based on a concept of using 50% beef and 50% portabella mushrooms, herbs and spices. Its all-natural vegetable content cuts the carbs, fats and calories of a traditional burger in half! The Grateful Burger is also gluten and allergen free and low in sodium making it an extremely healthy choice for all our population not just people with dietary needs.

Grateful Burger’s unique recipe also results in using fewer resources like water and land to raise cattle, making it sustainable – something I feel especially good about. The cattle industry is the largest single contributor to pollution and the depletion of water. Choosing a Grateful Burger over a regular burger saves 250 gallons of water! And we know how much our message means to consumers - especially Millennials who densely populate college campuses. People deserve a burger that is satisfying, healthy and environmentally responsible – now they have it!

About two years ago, a number of universities started to do their own blending. Most admit that it is not easy, there is a fair amount of waste and the taste and texture can be very inconsistent. Our Grateful Burger is perfect for college campuses as it’s ready to cook on a grill, skillet or oven from its frozen state which also gives it a longer shelf life, requires no prep time and produces zero waste. Not to shabby, we know.

The University of Connecticut has fully embraced our mission and has replaced traditional burgers with our Grateful Burger last year. That choice is changing the health of their students, but also saving millions of gallons of water Too! Last month Harvard University and the University of New Hampshire reached out to us to look at our line - UNH is already on target to replace their traditional burgers with Grateful Burgers in the fall of 2017 – lucky Class of 2021! In May, we went to the campus of Boston College. In one week, BC saved over 250,000 gallons of water when their students chose a Grateful Burger over a regular burger. We are witnessing and are a part of real change!

We understand that we are messing with an American staple and that there will always be some students and people that don’t want to change - we get that. But if just 10% percent of our population switched to our blended beef products, imagine the change that would result.

Grateful Burger is satisfying palates on college campuses all over New England. We’d like to visit your campus! Call me today for information or a visit -1-978-979-9890.

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Grateful Burger's Influence is Growing




Grateful Burger’s Influence is Growing

Burger company announces new Broker relationships


Beverly, MA (June 13, 2017) – Grateful Burger is very pleased to announce that our products are now represented by Ed Moore of Gateway Food Partners and Andrew Porter of Mitchell Food Solutions. Both Moore and Porter are pioneering healthy and sustainable food lines.

As a company that is passionate about healthy and sustainable food, Grateful Burger is excited to work with experienced, professional brokers that are committed to the same goals that we strive to achieve each day. Adding Moore and Porter to our team, allows us to make a greater impact within our industry, as we plow ahead to introduce the next generation of burgers.

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About Grateful Burger

Grateful Burger is a food design company launched in the summer of 2015 and is based in Boston, MA. They use innovation, quality ingredients and an environmentally conscious philosophy to create healthy and sustainable meat products. Grateful Burger has created a signature Grateful Burger and other products that are healthy and flavorful alternatives to current burger and meat products. The company is exploring the possibilities of food to help improve the quality of life in our communities. Currently Grateful Burger’s product line consists of its Original Grateful Burger, Spicy Blue Cheese Burger, Southwest Burger, Bacon and Cheddar Burger, Country Breakfast Sausage Patty, and Italian Blended Meatball. For more information visit Better food. Better health. Better planet.

About Gateway Food Partners

Gateway Food Partners was started by Ed Moore in 2016. Ed has over 25 years of experience in the food service and hospitality industries. A Johnson & Wales University graduate with Culinary and Food Service Management degrees, he has spent his time in New England developing long standing relationships with manufacturers, distributors and operators. Our focus is on niche market manufacturers looking to bring their products into food service distribution channels. Many of our manufacturer partners share similar qualities that we look for in their products such as: Organic, Local, Sustainable, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Antibiotic Free, Fair Trade, Solar Powered, Lactose Free, and Handmade.

About Mitchell Food Solutions

Mitchell Food Solutions [MFS] is led by Andrew Porter. Andrew has been working in food service for over 20 years, with over 15 years in the higher education vertical. His experience includes management in a large private university, a small liberal arts college, and a medium-sized public university. Andrew has worked in all segments of the college and university food operations: catering, dining halls, and retail. He has experience in distributor contracting, ordering, sampling, marketing, product placement, menu development, and vendor relations.

The Start of Something Big and Juicy – Grateful Burger

The Start of Something Big and Juicy

May 2017

By Chris Nessen

I have always done what I’m passionate about. It is no surprise that my newest venture, Grateful Burger, was born from a supermarket experience that left me with wet eyes and a renewed purpose.

The inception of Grateful Burger began on the day before Thanksgiving a few years back, when I was doing some last minute food shopping for the holiday. I witnessed an excited young boy run up to his family’s cart holding a big bag of grapes. His mother immediately told him to bring ‘those gross things back’. The little boy’s smile vanished as he dropped his head and marched back to the produce aisle. I was stunned. Then I noticed their cart. It was loaded with junk food! Not one nutritious item was in that cart. I felt my eyes well up and I knew right then and there that I had to do something to help turn situations like this around.

My wife Sue, an RN, encouraged me to make a first step. I asked myself what traditional food can I give a healthy makeover to? What fast food can I make healthier? How can I appeal to the masses and change the course of people’s health? I decided rather quickly to tackle an American staple – the burger. Americans consume 40 billion burgers each year! If people wanted burgers, I was sure I could whip up a recipe to make that choice a healthier one.

My recipe was perfected soon thereafter – the Grateful Burger.  The Grateful Burger is a blended burger based on a concept of using 50% beef and 50% portabella mushrooms, herbs and spices. The special combination of beef and vegetables together allows their blended burgers to retain a delicious beef flavor and texture unlike veggie burgers. Its all-natural vegetable content cuts the carbs, fats and calories of a traditional burger in half! The Grateful Burger is also gluten and allergen free and low in sodium making it a healthy choice for much of our population not just people with dietary needs. Grateful Burger’s unique recipe also results in using fewer resources like water and land to raise cattle, making their products sustainable – something I feel especially good about.

People deserve a product that is satisfying, healthy and environmentally responsible. Our goal is to offer products that customers can feel good about for more than just health reasons. We are the next generation of beef burgers.

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